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2020 Fashion Exchange

A new era begins in fashion. Let’s take a look at the trends that will rise and fall since this year90’s nostalgiaAfter 2017, this trend gradually entered into our lives and will continue to rise. When you look at fashion history, you can see that short-term trends come to the forefront. But none of them has lasted so long, never been so effective. Sarah Rose Cavanaugh, who works on perception, commented, “There are almost no differences in clothes between the photos taken in the 90s and the ones taken in the 90s. What could be more natural than we all need nostalgia in such a period of climate change, economic crises, wars and hunger?

Festival fashion

The first fashion article I wrote to the weekend supplements was about how music festivals lead fashion. The year was 2014 … For six years, perhaps the biggest source of inspiration for fashion has been music festivals. Torn jean shorts, cowboy boots, suede short blouses, floral crowns, for example, entered our lives with Coachella … Even though we can’t go to the festival, we all wanted to carry some of the free, fun and carefree spirit. to be continued.

Luxury sports

We are in a period where we see tights in Chanel fashion show, tracksuit sets in Chloe fashion show, and all giant fashion houses from Givenchy to Stole give our hearts with hooded sweat-shirts. We had never imagined that we would wear sports bras and sneakers when going out at night. And I’m going through this, we just met new luxury fashion houses established under this trend. Beyonce’s Ivy Park, Virgil Abloh’s Off White, Rihanna’s Fenty, Kanye West’s Yeezy, Demma Gvasalia’s Vetements. because we are all spiritually tired and none of us have to spend too much time on dressing.

Scandinavian style

As a result of numerous researches conducted each year, Scandinavian countries are always the happiest, most peaceful, most livable, the most comfortable women, the highest income, the best education and the most perfect health services. We always say that fashion is a reflection of mood, social situation and economic balances. In other words, even if we cannot live in those countries, I think it is very normal for us to buy at least one of their styles, to make their brands head crown. This is precisely why the women of Scandinavian descent began to be followed by millions. The

rise and fall of Dar jean

Curved sit down and talk right to narrow skinny jeans to be able to wear thin wrists, narrow basins, shaped hips you need. This is the case when we look back and who did not wear those narrow jeans … First boyfriend, then mom, then the rise of slouchy jeans Spanish trousers re-enter into our lives because of the difficulty of wearing tight jeans … 2020’den long Fortunately, we will not see these jeans for a while …

Waist bags The

shapeless waist bags of the 90s have been in our lives for the last two years. Fortunately, brand new models are much more useful than backpacks and waist bags that we can carry on our back as of 2020.

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