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7 Tips to improve your programmer career

In KeepCoding we have a long history in terms of training. We have seen many programmers grow and see how some outsiders to the world of programming became developers . Analyzing a large number of our students and getting in touch with them, we have asked them what advice they would give someone to improve their professional career as a programmer.
There have been all kinds of different answers that, perhaps, would fit more into a list of little tricks to improve as a programmer, or be part of the 10 Life Hacks that Chema Alonso recommends. However, other answers were repeated again and again, making it clear that these common points are the best tips to optimize your work as a programmer and improve day by day, because in the end it is what it is about in this profession, right? It’s not what you know, it’s not the skills you have, it’s what you do with it all. Let’s break them one by one.

Programmer to programmer tips

1. Know how to use version control software

I put this point first because, although it is not the basis of a programmer, it is one of the bases of a good programmer . A version control gives you the total assurance that all your lines of code and all versions will be there forever . Creating backup folders has gone to a better life. That is if you work alone, and if you work as a team it is even more necessary. Implement different functions in parallel, upload to code production without fear of destroying everything or distributing the bug solution among several people … We recommend using Git , and that is the first thing we teach in our programming Bootcamp with 16h classroom in one class Weekend.

2. Have a profile on GitHub.

There is the idea that GitHub is the LinkedIn of the programmers. But nothing to see. Especially since very few recruiters are able to understand your code . GitHub is a collaborative community, is a learning network and is a portfolio. Who accepts your lines in their projects learn from you. And, without egos, in this community you can always learn from another. As rewards is the creation of relationships – and friendships -, continuous improvement and being part, however small or large, of important projects.

3. Connection with the industry

Use GitHub to improve your skills, but stay connected with the technological world to know the news, trends and turns that can be given. Because in a sector that changes so quickly obsolescence comes earlier , and knowledge that could be a great solution for a moment, can become the next Cobol in the following years. Follow gurus and specialists, but have your own criteria , apply that information to your environment and draw your own conclusions. Many programmers and weight companies recommended and opted for Ruby to the detriment of Python. We decided to support Pythonand time has proved us right, being Python one of the most used languages in different fields such as Big Data, financial sector or web solutions. Our next bet is to do without Java in our Mobile programming bootcamp and use Kotlin. Risky? It may be, but it is the path we have decided to take. Does it sound like what happened with Flash? So find out, compare, trust, but ultimately, it is you who makes the decision. Through our newsletter you will be informed of everything.

4. Take action towards continuous learning

Once you make the appropriate decisions, you have to take action. One step is worth a thousand thoughts . Many people get trapped in this area, believing that, by simply being informed and having some knowledge on the subject they are making progress. They think they are out of their comfort zone because they unconsciously seem to be doing something useful, but this is a deceptive area that makes us feel that we are progressing, but with the advantage of not taking any risk. For its double comfort, it enters into paralysis by analysis: «This language is promising, but I’m going to investigate more, besides, now I don’t have time to study, I better do it next year». «It seems that this is also very good, I will look more information». In the previous example, although Ruby is now losing impact on the market, the pioneers in climbing were very successful. In this world the moment is very important, and the moment is now.

5. Attend events

To learn something new, you need many hours of dedication, well, immersion. Like Luke in Dagobah until he managed to dominate the force. But you also have to leave the cave to meet new people and opportunities.And that’s what events, MeetUps, workshops, talks, etc. are for. Not only will you get knowledge about new or already known things, but you will also make contacts, meet other programmers and, that, in this sector is extremely important, for two reasons mainly. On the one hand, you are going to enter the contact agenda of the other person with everything that entails: work, opportunities and, why not, go out for a drink. On the other, there have been many cases of collaborations in projects. Some non-profit (or at least at the beginning) and others more oriented to exploit a good idea. Be that as it may, all knowledge is good. Join our MeetUp channel to not miss any of our events.

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