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Entertainment kit for trips and getaways

Everyone who goes with kids knows how important it is to always carry with us things that they like and can entertain them at any given time. When we go on an excursion, we go on a getaway or even if we are on vacation, there will always be times …

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7 Tips to improve your programmer career

In KeepCoding we have a long history in terms of training. We have seen many programmers grow and see how some outsiders to the world of programming became developers . Analyzing a large number of our students and getting in touch with them, we have asked them what advice they …

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What is 3D rendering in the CG pipeline?

The rendering process plays an important role in the graphical development cycle of the system . We will not go into much depth here, but any discussion of the CG pipeline would not be complete without the tools and methods to provide at least 3d images. Like development movies Rendering …

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Wedding Guest Interview Tips

Interviewing wedding guests can be difficult, but if you do it well you can get some great footage that will add to the final video. There are some tips to help you wedding guests. Respect wedding guests Do not force anyone to talk to the camera if they are having …

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Dungeon Culture in the World of Warcraft

In the World of Warcraft the proper dungeon is satisfied.Note: This article is part of the largest and ever growing collection of useful worlds of Warcraft guides , and we keep and update the current list. Check out the World of Warcraft Guides code for more WoW tips, tips, tricks, …

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How To Get Started With Mobile Game Programming

There are many developers who are interested in developing mobile gaming applications. Mobile game programming , as you are well aware, requires another cod fish and detailed coding for all aspects of the game at every stage.While it is very difficult to develop code for mobile games, it is a …

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