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What moles need to be afraid

Moles can talk about the presence of various diseases, and can be simple formations. It is not always worth running to the doctor if you have a new spot on the body. “Rambler” tells when it is necessary to be especially careful. “Ugly duck” Surely you already have moles on …

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Doctors called the earliest sign of dementia

The symptoms of dementia in the early stages can develop so gradually that they can often be mistaken for normal aging. Because the disease affects people in different ways, the symptoms are far from always obvious. However, the inability to recognize them often leads to the fact that the disease …

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What vaccinations do adults need?

Vaccinations are needed not only for children. Some of them require revaccination in adulthood. “Rambler” tells what and when they need to be done. If you were given certain vaccinations as a child, you have antibodies to a specific disease. As an adult, you can take a blood test for …

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