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Doctors called the earliest sign of dementia

The symptoms of dementia in the early stages can develop so gradually that they can often be mistaken for normal aging. Because the disease affects people in different ways, the symptoms are far from always obvious. However, the inability to recognize them often leads to the fact that the disease is not diagnosed for several years.
According to experts, there is an early symptom of developing dementia, which should alert both the patient himself and his relatives. We are talking about the deterioration of short-term memory.
“If a person’s short-term memory worsens, which begins to affect work, social and family life, then this may be an early sign of dementia,” the doctors said. In this case, the patient begins to not only lose things or put them in unusual places, he can also forget why they are needed at all.
“It can be difficult for a person to remember what he read or saw on television, to recognize familiar faces, or to recall recent events,” the doctors added.
Another sign of dementia is the way a person communicates. If he begins to lock himself in, try to isolate himself from loved ones, then this can also indicate the development of the disease.
As experts explained, the patient loses interest in communicating with other people, whether colleagues or relatives. On the other hand, it should also be alerted if during a conversation difficulties arise with concentration and the selection of necessary words.

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