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Entertainment kit for trips and getaways

Everyone who goes with kids knows how important it is to always carry with us things that they like and can entertain them at any given time. When we go on an excursion, we go on a getaway or even if we are on vacation, there will always be times when they “get bored” and want to take their things to play for a while. And I do not tell you what can save us in moments of waiting, during long trips or even in days when time does not accompany anything and forces us to change the plans we had planned.

We always take all our trips and getaways with children, what I call the Fun Kit. It is nothing more, or less, than a backpack or a bag with some things that will help us all both in those critical moments and in family relaxation times. I am going to tell you what I usually take on trips, more or less. It is not always the same. We vary the games and toys, depending on what you most want to take at that time. But we do always take something of each type. That in the variety is the taste … and the tranquility of all.

Small toys:

Whether we want it or not, toys will always be the best companions for your kids. It is clear that you cannot take large things on a trip since space is somewhat limited and very valuable. Especially if you do not travel with your own car. But that sure is not a problem. There are always tiny toys, which our children love, and that can accompany them on their adventures. Simply, take a small bag or case, and tell him to put the toys that he wants to take there.

Carla, for example, loves to always take some of her LOL toys . The dolls are tiny, so I could put two or three of them, along with other things, in the bag. Pendants, animals … Caesar, also put some little dinosaurs, a couple of cars …

Each one carries his backpack and inside that little bag of toys has to fit. So they already know that they can’t take too many things. By telling them in advance the space they have, they will have no problem.

Board games travel format:

Board games are perfect for those shared moments. By the time we are tired and we want to be relaxed a good time wherever. You take out a game, play some games and enjoy with them. We have used them a lot on long journeys, after eating the picnic somewhere cool, on the beach …

There are lots of games that you can take with you. You just have to see that they don’t take up much space. The cards, for example, are fantastic for it. We have some very cool (cards, dice and traditional too): Dobble, Story Cubes, Speed Monsters, the classic Unno … In addition to the cluedo and the travel monopoly. Oh, and don’t forget to put a deck of Spanish cards. Yes, that of a lifetime. You can always teach them how to play cinquillo, for example. You’ll see how they like it.

Coloring, writing and drawing:

Since Nuria taught us, they have become a must. But not only for travel. Also for excursions, for when we go to a restaurant for food, for walks … The Pintapum minibox is a pass. They do not occupy anything. They carry a lot of cool drawings to color, colored waxes and some stickers. And there are different themes: movies, rockstars, fantasy and heroes.

In addition to carrying the minibox of pintapum, we also usually put some small notebook, pens, pencils, sticker sheets or gomets … They always work great for when they want to express their art. Drawing is one of the activities that entertain them the most. In addition, with the notebook we can tell them to go on making their adventure notebook and write down the interesting things we have done. Or create your own travel diary and that every day they write down the things they have done and liked. Don’t you think?

Although they seem like many things, they really aren’t. Well chosen, it fits all in a small backpack. Even, there will be plenty of room for the canteen. At home, what we do is that everyone carries their own explorer backpack , and they have to fit things in it. In this way, they are responsible for their things and, in addition, they always have it on hand when they need it. Of course, surely you will have to manage time and moments so that they do not take everything at once in the place and time less opportune. That mine, even today, usually do. As for example, scatter all things just minutes before having to get on the train. Hehehehe But well, it’s all about learning and teaching. Truth?

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