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How To Get Started With Mobile Game Programming

There are many developers who are interested in developing mobile gaming applications. Mobile game programming , as you are well aware, requires another cod fish and detailed coding for all aspects of the game at every stage.
While it is very difficult to develop code for mobile games, it is a great experience for developers. Keep reading to learn how to get started on your first mobile game.

What type of game are you?

First, decide what mobile game you want to create. There are many games you should know. Choose the genre and the kind of audience you want to target the game. Do you like action, RPG or strategy ? Are you attracting teenagers or more intelligent editors?
Only if you choose the type of game you can explore the resources for developing the software .

Programming language

Then you have to decide on your mobile game programming language. Usually, J2ME or Brew can help you with most of your ambitious venture. J2ME offers many more resources, especially in general programming and mobile game programming.
Get a conversation with the language you want, and it provides all of its issues, functions and positive support. Try to work with the APIs that the language provides.
If you are interested in playing a 3D genre, you can probably try JSR184. Your key to success.

Device details

Know the device you want to make your game . You need all details of the mobile device such as size, image format display type video format and resolution, audio and and more.

Game Design

You need to plan general game design and architecture first and think about the many aspects that your game includes.
If in doubt, go to the online mobile gaming forums and present your question there. Even the smallest wastes need to start from the roots and get back.

Gaming knowledge

Learn all you need to know about mobile game programming. Read books and take an active part in gaming forums. Talk to experts in the field to get a better understanding of the system as a whole.
Also, be prepared to fail the first few attempts. That there are very few game developers who succeed in their first attempt at coding. You may need to write multiple times before you are satisfied with your work

Tips for New Game Developers

Creating a detailed story and different play modes for your game beforehand will help you plan the complexities of your game at a later stage. So don’t ignore this point.Build a program skeleton with game programming tools like GameCanvas . This comes with an efficient base class, especially for 2D game developers using J2ME.Before you actually release it, try to use a prototype to test your game. Of course, you can’t always rely solely on the emulator. In such cases, you need a valid mobile device model to check the game. You may have released it to some other company to test your game . Generally speaking, it’s good to learn mobile game programming on a Nokia Series 60 phone.In spite of your best efforts, you should throw your hands up and get out of programming. Analyze code mistakes and divide the problem into smaller bits so that you can handle it easier. Stick through tough times and you’re sure to win soon enough.

What do you need

  • J2ME Eclipse
  • BREW C and C ++ Visual Studio
  • Python Eclipse and plugins
  • Flash Light ActionScript
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Emulator or device to test the game

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