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How to prepare the children’s travel entertainment bag.

We are going on a trip. We are more or less clear about what we are going to take to entertain the kids. But will you take everything? How do I organize it so as not to stir everything around? Will it be a lot or will I run out of resources halfway? Do i wear the right thing?
Many doubts, right? If we are wrong about something, we will remember it for the next time so it is not so serious: D.
The first thing is to decide what to wear and how much . Definitely the most important thing is to know the skills and preferences that each child has at that time.

How much and what to carry in the entertainment bag

The first thing is to think what we carry and how many things we are going to take for that we have to take into account the following:

Skills that the little one has at that moment .

If you bring him something that is too easy, he will get bored and if it is too complicated, too. For example, with 18 months a puzzle to fit shapes will understand but a year later they will be better to join 2, 3 or 5 pieces. With a puzzle of 20 pieces you will not know what to do yet.

Preferences you have at that time .

If at home lately he does not want to paint, he will not do it outside the house no matter how cool those minicolors you have bought him.

Means of transport .

Even if the trip lasts the same, it is not the same that it is by train that we can move a lot, than by car or plane where we must remain seated almost the entire trip. By plane we have to control the weight and volume of the luggage to the maximum and by train and car we can afford a little more.

Duration of the trip .

It is not the same to arrive at the destination in 5 hours than in 15, of course. On long trips you must have naps and nighttime sleep so don’t be overwhelmed.

Space and weight it can occupy .

Plan all luggage in writing a couple of weeks in advance, entertainment included. You will appreciate it.Varied types of games . If you bring a notebook and some colors, the rest of your options are not a small blackboard and cool pens. Change them for a Mini Lego and a threading game, for example.In short, when we have to go on a trip with children we need the maximum varied entertainment adapted to their abilities and preferences that occupy the minimum space .

Planning is possible.

We who travel regularly, already have a good reserve of games and activities prepared. Some leave and new ones arrive as the child grows.

How to prepare the children’s travel entertainment bag

Select what you are going to wear.

  • Think about where you are going to take it to be comfortable to take and store on the trip. I do it in what was the diaper bag and / or a carry-on bag that always goes with us on board.
  • Bags . Little space and easy to organize in luggage are the keys. You can use a lot of things you are sure to have at home:
  • Pillboxes . Ofthose of several compartments. In them you can hide dolls, stickers, …
  • Boats with lid . Creams, plasticine, small bottles with wide cap …
  • Cloth bags . More resistant than those of plastic for notebook and colors, dolls, cars, lego‚Ķ.
  • Plastic bags with zip of different sizes. The main advantage is that you see what is inside and can write on the outside.
  • Transparent plastic bags . I use them to store several small zip bags with other normally DIY games and activities. Thus they are easier to find and nothing is lost.
  • Sorting covers . I use them as transparent plastic bags.
  • Gums elastic . To keep grouped colors, cords or ribbons without curling, books and notebooks closed (especially DIY but also worth ties or any cord) …
  • Check that everything fits in the place you planned. If not, check that you can change.
  • The last point seems silly but it is essential. If you start looking for weird sites at the last moment, there is a good chance that you won’t remember later and have to stir everything up.

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