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Sharing on the Mac screen using the Finder sidebarScreen sharing is simple

Screen Sharing on Mac is a joy. By sharing on the Mac screen, you can go out and help fix a problem, ask a distant family member how to use an app, or access an unavailable source of Mac you’re currently using.

Set Mac Screen Sharing

Before you share the Mac’s screen, you need to run the partition on the screen. Complete instructions can be found in the following guide:

Mac Screen Sharing – Share your Mac screen to your network

Well, now that you have screen sharing enabled, let’s go over how to access Remote Mac Desktops. There are many ways to make a connection to a remote Mac, and you can find a list of different methods at the end of this article. But in this guide, we’re going to show you how to use the Search Sidebar to access Remote Mac Desktops.
There are several advantages to using the Search Sidebar to access screen sharing, as they do not know the remote Mac IP address or name . Instead, the Remote Mac Finder shows up on the shared list in the sidebar ; Remote Mac access takes just a few clicks.
The fallout of shared listings in the Finder sidebar is limited to local network resources. A long-distance friend or family member listed here is missing. There is some question about which Mac is available in the shared list. When your Mac returns, the new shared list will be re-shared whenever it announces itself on your local network. However, when a Mac is turned off, the shared list can sometimes refresh itself to show that there is no Mac online. You can leave indirect Macs in the list that you can’t actually connect to.
Occasionally from Mac Phantoms, Remote Macs from the sidebar is my favorite way to make a connection.
Configure the search engine sidebar to access the remote MacThe Finder sidebar includes a shared area; It appears to be shared network resources.
If your search windows are not currently displaying the search engine sidebar, you can choose ‘Show, Show Sidebar’ in the sidebar menu that can be displayed in the sidebar. (Note: You have to open a window in Search to view the Show Sidebar option in the View menu.)
Once the sidebar is displayed, you should see a section called Partition. If not, you must set the search option to display shared resources.
Open the Finder window and select ‘Preferences’ from the Finder menu.

  • Click the sidebar icon.
  • In the Shared section, place the verification notes next to the attached servers and Bonjour computers. If you use that service, you can select Return to My Mac.
  • Close search options.
  • Using the Search Sidebar for Remote Mac Access
  • Open a search window.

The Shared Area of the Finder sidebar should display a list of shared network resources, including the target Mac.

Select Mac from the Shared list.

In the Finder window’s main panel, you should see the Share Screen button. Depending on the service available on the selected Mac, there may be more than one button. We are only interested in sharing the screen, so click on the Share screen button.Depending on how you configure screen sharing, open a dialog box and ask for a username and password for the shared Mac. Enter the required information, and then click Connect.Remote Mac’s Desktop will open in your own window on your Mac.Remote Mac can now be used if you are sitting in front of it. Move your mouse over the Remote Mac desktop to work with files, folders, and applications. You can access anything available on the remote Mac from the screen sharing window.

Exit Screen Sharing

You can exit sharing on the screen by closing the shared window. This will disconnect from the shared Mac and leave the Mac in the state you were in before the window closed.

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