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Wedding Guest Interview Tips

Interviewing wedding guests can be difficult, but if you do it well you can get some great footage that will add to the final video. There are some tips to help you wedding guests.

Respect wedding guests

Do not force anyone to talk to the camera if they are having trouble with it. Often, people who are shy who initially refuse to be interviewed will open up if others do.
Wedding Guest Interview reminds the bride and groomI find myself getting a good response from guests in the series, “The Guest and the Bride Asked Me Video for feedback from their guests …” This opening, the camera. Once the bride and groom know what they want to say, wedding guests will be ready for the interview.

Here are some interview questions ready

You can ask for guest ideas and desires, but if you ask guests specific questions you should get more interesting answers: How do you know the bride and groom? What’s your favorite story about the couple ?; What is your advice for a happy marriage?

Use a handheld microphone

In a loud reception room, the voice of the people cannot be clearly seen with the camera’s microphone. Instead, you should use a handheld mic (such as the kind that Newscasters use). If you do not have a manual mic, try setting up the camera outside the main reception room, which is quieter, where the wedding guest records the interviews.

Help the kids

If there are flower girls or rings at the wedding, they can break the ice and help you get good interviews with guests. I always love that little kids are fascinated by the video camera and give it responsibility. So I hand them the mic and ask who thinks they need to talk on camera. Then, I follow them from table to table, letting the guests talk.

Get help from the wedding party

If you have an extra, inexpensive automatic camcorder, you can hand it to an outgoing groomsman or bridesmaid. Allow this person wedding guest interviews at the reception; You will get an inside view and guests will tell this camera that they don’t need to.

Get help from the DJ

If the guest does not want to go to the desk to talk, the DJ will do. A notice must be made. He can tell guests that you have set up your camera outside the room and is ready to interview any volunteers.

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