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What moles need to be afraid

Moles can talk about the presence of various diseases, and can be simple formations. It is not always worth running to the doctor if you have a new spot on the body. “Rambler” tells when it is necessary to be especially careful.

“Ugly duck”

Surely you already have moles on your body and you know what most of them look like. However, there may appear those whose appearance cannot be confused with others. Such spots are called ugly ducklings. As a rule, if you notice a similar anomaly, it is better to consult a doctor immediately. In addition, you need to watch for changes in this mole. The sooner you check it, the better.

Stains on the nails

Nail melanoma is very rare, but it exists. For example, the famous performer Bob Marley died from her. For the first time he had a dark spot on the toenail, and then the disease spread to the liver and other organs. That is why if you go to a dermatologist, remove the nail polish. So he will be able to examine all parts of the body and make sure that everything is fine with you.


With melanoma, a mole can change dramatically. It can become a different color, shape or size. As a rule, it all starts with a flat birthmark, similar to a birthmark. If you follow and notice that changes are occurring with her, it is best to consult a doctor.Uneven edgesCommon moles are round. If you noticed a spot with uneven edges that spread or looked like a blot, this is a cause for concern. It can also be asymmetrical and have a size of more than six millimeters. With melanoma, one mole can have several shades, for example, go from dark brown to light.

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