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Which dog suits you according to the horoscope

The character of a person largely depends on what star he was born under. Do not believe it, but the nature of the dogs also obeys the stars. Not every Aries lives with Saint Bernard and not every lapdog lives with Scorpio. In general, if you decide to have a shaggy four-legged one, check first if it suits your temperament.


Guided by the characteristics of the sign Aries , it can be argued that these people are energetic, enterprising and assertive, activity occupies most of their lives. In addition, people of this sign are brave and sometimes commit rash acts. Dogs need this sign with a similar temperament – active, hardy and loud. An excellent company for Aries will be the four-legged friends of the German Shepherd, Doberman, boxer, and Laika. These breeds like to spend time in the fresh air and remember the teams very well, so training will benefit both the Aries owner and his dog.
But sometimes the fire sign still needs to rest, so the relaxant will not hurt. If Aries wants to get a dog to relieve stress, and not for outdoor activities, then in this case, small dogs like Pekingese, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, West Highland White Terrier will do. These breeds can behave actively, but are also quite capable of adapting to the mood of the owner.
The main characteristics of the sign of Sagittarius .


Taurus is distinguished by peacefulness, generosity and kindness. People of this sign can easily do without a dog at all, but if you really have to choose, they will be breeds that do not require increased attention and activity. It is even advisable that the dogs themselves entertain themselves, and Taurus will observe them from the side.
However, sometimes Taurus give birth to dogs to stir them up, because you do not want to, but you need to walk the animal. And in that, and in another case, Shar Pei, Pug, English Bulldog, St. Bernard, Chow Chow, Scotch Terrier can become a best friend. These breeds are quite independent, but also active too.


People born under the sign of Gemini are known for their versatility, the tendency to be always on the move and the need for diversity. They need a change of emotions, and Gemini has a passion for collecting, no matter what. Therefore, it is often not enough for people of this sign to have one animal. A keen nature always requires more. Twins are suitable breeds such as Labrador, Collie, Yorkshire Terrier, Dalmatians and Cocker Spaniels. Only Gemini has one feature – they can quickly get tired of the activity of the dog and its loud barking. If you notice this feature, it is better to have a like or a chow-chow. For peace of mind – that’s it.


Characteristic of Cancer claims that representatives of this zodiac sign are emotional, sensitive, often fall into melancholy, although they may not seem to show their condition, which is why others perceive Cancer as cold-blooded and prudent people. And only loved ones know how truly vulnerable Cancers are. From a pet these people need peace, comfort and peace of mind. Cancer Dog must externally and internally serve as an anti-stress. The more fluffy and decorative, the better. Even better if the dog will sensitively catch the change of mood of the owner.Surprisingly, the dog world has its own psychologists – it is a balanced and calm Caucasian shepherd, bobtail, Maltese lapdog, royal poodle, skyterrier. As you can see, it’s not a matter of size, but of the dog’s ability to be a couch potato, just like a Cancer master.

A lion

Those born under the sign of Leo are usually charismatic, confident, proud and purposeful people. Like animal kings, people of this sign love to impress others. To be inconspicuous is not about Leo. Bright, catchy, impressive accessories are chosen by the Lion people. The same with dogs. It should be such a four-legged, which you can’t pass by without looking back. Therefore, suitable dog breeds for Leo are mastiff, greyhound, Russian and Afghan, Great Dane, Giant Schnauzer. The posture, gait and expression of the muzzle of these dogs should directly testify to their aristocratic origin, no less. And Leo cannot be otherwise!


It is the humankind of ziadioc. Kindness, philanthropy and faith in the best are the main features of the Maidens, but at the same time they are very practical, which often stops them from having a pet. But if you get a dog, it doesn’t matter who – a dog, cat, hamster or fish, take care of them as full members of the family. The desire for continuous development encourages those born under this sign to show their best pedagogical qualities and the logical side of their personality in training. Difficulties only spur them on, so Virgo will be able to get along with any breed, she will raise any dog as she needs, and will make her a pet. But if you choose, then the compliant dachshund, miniature schnauzer, mittelschnauzer, Doberman, basset fit this sign. The main thing is that the dog becomes a friend, obedient and rational.

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